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About Us

Who We Are

We started making films in the Spring of 2011, we blindly set out to create our first feature that spring. Long story short, we failed terribly! But we walked away with a ton of knowledge on the independent film making process.


Since then we have grown massively in front of the camera and behind, over the span of eight years we have had the opportunity to work with amazing talents in all fields. 


We’ve worked with nonprofits, other independent film companies, larger more established film makers and each time we embark on a project we walk away with priceless experience.


As we continue down this road, we are excited to keep creating stories and capturing them on film. We love the entire idea of what film is, its playing make believe, we take an idea or concept and make it come to life.


We believe so strongly in the power of entertainment, being able to give a person an escape where they can get lost in our work.

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Meet The Crew of Unit 11 Pictures

Gregory Fisco
Joshua Romero
Lucas Lopez

Director, Cinematographer, Editor

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